Management services

What we can do for you

Our operations team, Castlebridge Hospitality, are there for you through every stage.

From the start of construction, to the grand opening and beyond, offering you an individual and high standard hotel management service.

Here at Castlebridge, we play a huge part in the performance of your business, improving revenue, value and share in the market.

We put in place the right systems to boost returns and carry out comprehensive hotel business reviews (such as Revenue, Commercial, Brand Standards, Hotel Metrics & Guest Experience) so that you stay right on track.

Human Resources
F&B Operations
Liaison with the Brand Franchise
Sales & Marketing (including web optimisation)
Attendance to Owner’s association
Monthly meeting with owner (provision of board pack)

Our Focus

At Castlebridge, we focus on three key aspects – Developing, Owning and Operating.


Our Developing Process


The development and funding of a new international branded hotel project can be a complicated process which may take several years from inception to completion.

Our professional team have a wealth of experience in the development life cycle and can generate profitable investments.




In most cases when developing hotels, our investors look to hold the asset long term, especially in key city locations. We have experience in creating hotel portfolios.


Hotel Operations

Castlebridge Hospitality operates high quality hotels in the UK & Spain. Its corporate objective is to be recognised as a multi brand hotel management company. 

Our Operations team is involved right from the start of the design and throughout the construction of the hotel with appropriate systems and controls in place to maximise the return of the asset owner.

The management services cover all aspects of the hotels operations including:

  • Hotel Operations
  • Digital & Marketing
  • F&B
  • Revenue
  • Procurement
  • T & system management
  • Human Resources
  • Monthly meeting with owner
  • Liaison with the Brand Franchise
  • Attendance to Owner’s association meetings